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  1. Posted by kedgell16, — Reply

    I hate seeing these middle schoolers comment like aww im sad I dont have that or we are dating like no. dating is not an actual thing in middle school! Im not saying you cant find you love of your life then but you cant be in a relationship before you can love yourself to the fullest and know what best for you!

  2. Posted by sad_editor, — Reply

    Wow pretty amazing to have a relationship like that during school... I mean I can’t complain because I’m in middle but I know when I go to high school, I will def find someone who I will love like that.

  3. Posted by ladillaboymen, — Reply

    Esto muestra la realidad de las personas que no están en la friend zone. De parte de todos los friendzoneados quiero agradecer a la persona que hizo ese video, para dejar volar nuestra imaginación (si el mundo fuera perfecto)

  4. Posted by annief74251318, — Reply

    90% of ppl Mary their siblings. Now that I got your attention, since you read this you will be told good news tonight, If you don’t repost this in 9 other posts the worst week will start now. In 52 min your crush will realize they love you.

  5. Posted by emilymilne22, — Reply

    Sorry don’t think this will work but giving it a try, kiss your left hand. Say the name of your crush or lover. Close ur hand. Say a weekday. If you put this on 15 other comment sections, they will realise your the one and like you.

  6. Posted by baby_girl9366, — Reply

    Kiss your left hand and say your crushes name into it then close it say the day of the week then say your name open your hand and post this comment on 15 diff comment sections.

  7. Posted by sdbchemistry, — Reply

    Any of y’all wanna start a Pinterest group chat, and just talk about boyz, relationships, stuff and more stuff lol

  8. Posted by arhodess2007, — Reply

    I started crying when i watched this and thought of my crush and how me and him could be that if i told him howni feel

  9. Posted by ariana1goebel, — Reply

    Well in 7th grade this guy asked me out and I used to like him since 3rd grade and were still together

  10. Posted by thebananalol, — Reply

    Me being the only 15 year old that actually wants to be single and just live their life to the fullest

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